WWI USMC Mug Poster

The signature product of Glass Beach Mugs is The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™, a faithful replica of the distinctive 1917 Marine Corps enlisted coffee mug.  Using measurements from original fragments and computer-assisted design software, the Homer Laughlin China Company carefully recreated The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug™.  Homer Laughlin is the world-renowned manufacturer of hotel ware and other fine porcelain, to include the famous Fiesta® line of dinner ware.
Glass Beach Mugs, LLC also can customize versions of the same distinctively shaped handle-less watch mug.  Instead of the back-stamp U.S.M.C. 1917,customized versions bear a historical Homer Laughlin China Company back-stamp featuring an American eagle.  For details, see Customized Mugs.