Turk cataloged 56 dated sherds from the Glass Beach dump site, fragments of several sorts of whats known in the commercial china business as hotel ware.  Enlisted Marines were using dinner plates, soup bowls, condiment jars, platters, gravy boats, and of course the handle-less mugs that a later generation called watch mugs.  Some of the items were imprinted with manufacturersmarks.  The 1917 items had no makers mark but were bracketed by items imprinted with a version of the Maddock brand in the years 1911 and 1919.

In addition to ceramic fragments, we found other artifacts from that era.  A great deal of glass had been discarded over the years, to include some deformed and broken bottles displaying iridescence from superheating. In the surf, Paul also found pieces of cutlery stamped U.S.M.C.on the handle and other non-ferrous items such as screws and pieces of uniform items that would not yield as readily to salt water corrosion.  There also appeared to be an axle and other parts of a vehicle frame sticking out of the cliff face.  At the waters edge, some unidentified larger pieces of ferrous metal appeared to have chemically fused with the coral after years of salt water exposure.